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I survived on gelato and prosciutto in Barcelona while walking nearly 10 miles a day.

I hiked Cinque Terre in a rainstorm, and drank too much of my favorite Italian wine in Venice. I struggled to get used to eating meals all alone, and had to force myself to make small talk with strangers, something I admittedly suck at.

My parents taught me that if you work hard and stick it out, you'll eventually get what you want. By 26, I had everything I thought I was supposed to want: a great job in publishing, an apartment in New York, enough money to get drinks dinner when going out with friends after work.After 10 days of Chang beers, massages, and island hopping, I said goodbye to her at the Bangkok airport and left for another six weeks alone in Europe.I had an arrival and departure date from France and a list of cities I wanted to visit, but that was it.Fed up with a sense of stagnation at his job, hoping to escape family drama, and looking for clarity in his relationship, my dad had set out to find answers to questions about his own future.He wasn't running away, he was just hoping to experience life a little differently. He wrote about how a poorly timed flat tire near Booneville, Kentucky, landed his friends and him at a quarry, where a bunch of stoned guards decided to give them an impromptu shooting lesson.

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